Guest lectures

  • Financial education in Flanders (22 February 2021) guest lecture during the course ‘Teaching Methodology Economics of Prof. dr. Tom Kuppens. UHasselt, Belgium.
  • Financial education in Flanders (17 February 2021) guest lecture during the course ‘Teaching Methodoloy Economics’ of Prof. dr. Tom Kuppens, VUB. Brussels, Belgium.
  • Financial literacy – An overview (10 April 2019) guest lecture during the course of Prof. dr. Neema Mori, University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS). Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Video lectures

Invited as speaker

  • Financiële geletterdheid [Financial literacy] (30 November 2022) – Presentation for secondary school teachers – UHasselt School for Education Studies, Hasselt.
  • Financiële geletterdheid [Financial literacy] (24 February 2022) – Presentation for the staff of the Belgian Financial Sector Federation – Febelfin, Brussels.
  • Discussion of the report “Levels of financial literacy and financial well-being in the CIS” (15 December 2021) OECD High-level Conference on Financial Education in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Online.
  • Financiële geletterdheidscompetenties van mensen in armoede [Financial literacy competences of people in poverty] (13 October 2021), Presentation for policy advisors Flemish Government – Horizontaal permanent armoede overleg, Brussels.
  • Financiële geletterdheid en impulsief koopgedrag [Financial literacy and impulsive buying behaviour] (9 November 2018), Presentation for economic teachers – Studiedag Specifieke Lerarenopleiding “21st century skills in your classroom”, Brussels.
  • Hoe financiële educatie op school aanbrengen? [How teaching financial literacy at school?] (23 January 2018), Presentation for economic teachers – ‘Dag van de Economie’, Kortrijk.
  • Financiële educatie op school [Financial education at school] (9 Oktober 2017), Presentation for math and economic teachers – Studiedag Financiële educatie, Leuven.


  • Financial Markets, Products & Institutions (23 September 2016), One-day training for Euroclear, Febelfin Academy, Brussels.